Bengal Gram Flour

ORGANIC :Bengal Gram Flour

BOTANICAL NAME: Cicer aritinum



Organic Bengal Gram Flour:

  • Bengal gram is widely appreciated as health food. It is a protein-rich supplement to cereal-based diets, especially to the poor in developing countries, where people are vegetarians or cannot afford animal protein.
  • The pulse proteins are rich in lysine and have low sulfur containing amino acids.
  • It offers the most practical means of eradicating protein malnutrition among vegetarian children and nursing mothers.
  • Bengal gram has a very important role in human diet in our country.

Nutrition value:

  • Bengal grams enhance the utilization of glucose, which is good for diabetic persons and also for normal persons.
  • Bengal gram extracts are good for diabetic patients. It helps to improving the blood sugar levels, glucose, tolerance, urinary excretion of sugar and general condition.

MRT gives the products which are grown under stringent organic standards of MPOP, NOP, and EU certification LACON Germany

Retail packing available: 500gm

Bulk packing available: 25kg/ 50kg


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