BOTANICAL NAME: Trachyspermum ammi


Clementine oil, Italy is a great value. Compare prices. TOS’s Clementine has a fresh sweet scent with beautiful delicate body notes superior to most citrus oils. The aroma is not unlike the fresh fruit. Italy’s climate produces this excellent Clementine with good color. It blends nicely with all Citrus and especially with Tangerine, Mandarin and Orange. It is a blissful aroma.

Perfumists, aromatherapists, and individuals interested in home remedies may be intrigued by sweet clementine oil, which is a thin oil with a vibrant citrus smell. The oil, which is cold-extracted in Italy, is used to treat both fatigue and insomnia. Scientific research has shown the oil to have intriguing chemical properties

Health benefits of clementines include relief from digestive troubles, better cardiovascular health, strengthened immune system and optimum balance of electrolytes in the body. The enriching nutrients present in clementines contribute in building strong bones and supports in muscle contraction and relaxation. Furthermore, bioactive molecules present in clementines make it an anti-cancer fruit and also contributes in smooth functioning of the brain.
Clementines are really good for skin owing to the presence of significant amount of vitamin C. Scientific studies have validated the role of Vitamin C in the synthesis of collagen, a structural component vital for the maintenance of healthy skin
Consumption of citrus fruits such as clementines helps in enhancing the disease fighting ability of the body and strengthens the immunity. Strong immune system aids in preventing the occurrence of a range of infections and helps reducing the severity of fatal diseases. This attributes to the abundance of vitamin C and other phytonutrients in clementines which provides antioxidative protection against the damaging action of the oxygen free radicals produced during energy metabolism.
clementine Oil is phototoxic, increasing one’s susceptibility to the impact of the sun’s rays. Individuals using the oil should refrain from direct sun exposure. Moreover, pregnant women should avoid using the oil, due to concerns over unknown side effects
clementines are citrus species with momentous nutritional worth and healing potential. They may be quickly peeled and eaten fresh or processed as value-added goods such as juice and essential oils. The quality of being seedless makes clementine a perfect snack for little children. You may eat clementine on its own or add a few clementine segments to your yogurts, salads, oatmeal or other breakfast cereals for a nutritional ‘zing’ factor.

MRT gives the products which are grown under the stringent organic standards of NPOP, NOP and EU certification by LACON, Germany


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