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BOTANICAL NAME: Setaria italica


Botanical Name: Setaria italica
Local Name : कांगणी/ korra/ kavalai, or kambankorai



• Foxtail millet is the second-most widely planted species of millet, and the most important in East Asia. It has the longest history of cultivation among the millets, having been grown in China since sometime in the sixth millennium BC.
• Other names for the species include dwarf setaria, foxtail bristle-grass, giant setaria,green foxtail, Italian millet,German millet,and Hungarian millet. Foxtail millet is an annual grass with slim, vertical, leafy stems which can reach a height of 120–200 cm (3.9–6.6 ft).The seedhead is a dense, hairy panicle 5–30 cm (2.0–11.8 in) long.The small seeds, around 2 mm (less than 1/8 in.) in diameter, are encased in a thin, papery hull which is easily removed in threshing. Seed color varies greatly between varieties.

• Help the body reducing the factors of diabetes, fortifying it with enough components against heart attacks and developing body tissues.
• High in dietary fiber, which aids in proper breakdown of food and complete digestion. In addition, Foxtail Millet helps in keeping the glycemic index (the rate at which blood sugar level spikes up after eating) low.
• Therefore, maintaining a balance in the body and making it more durable are few of the key advantages of foxtail millets.

MRT gives the products which are grown under the stringent organic standards of NPOP, NOP and EU certification by LACON, Geramany

Retail Packing Available : 500 gms
Bulk Packing Available : 25 kg/50kg


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