BOTANICAL NAME:  Oryza sativa.



Rakthashali, with red husk and grain, is acclaimed from vedic times onwards as a medicinal rice variant and an auspicious grain for vedic rites. But never been a popular one outside the coastal belt of south Karnataka where it is the native staple food. Studies conducted on the nutritional significance of this Rakthashali in medications coupled with documented indigenous knowledge of traditional and Ayurvedic medical practitioners and focused academic papers to conserve ethnic wisdom revealed amazing advantages of this grain. Besides being a functional food for promoting lactation, Rakthashalis acknowledged therapeutic value in the treatments of allergies & skin ailments, uterus related problems, gastro intestinal problems, liver, kidney, nerve disorders encouraged us for commercial cultivation.

Nutritional value :

Parched “Rakthashali” in gruel form is a good diuretic (urine production).Improves saliva secretion, beneficial in relieving indigestion problems, if used after delivery.Water left after washing this rice is used for external applications and for detoxification of the body and as a therapy for allergies. Rakthashali mixed with curd, smashed banana and jaggery, will alleviate burning sensation of urine.Applied on skin with butter milk for skin diseases.Cooked to thick paste with turmeric smeared on wound or put in a cloth and tied on the swollen portion at night. Washed in the next morning for severely smashed and bruised wounds with swelling and pain with stones, thorns inside.

MRT gives the products which are grown under the stringent organic standards of NPOP, NOP and EU certification by LACON, Geramany

Retail Packing Available : 1 kg
Bulk Packing : 25 kg/50kg


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