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VANILLAvanilla plantifoliaWhole/Ground/TBCNOP/NPOP/EU


Organic Vanilla:
A substance obtained from vanilla pods or produced artificially and used to flavor foods or to impart a fragrant scent to cosmetic preparations. The seed pod of this plant also called vanilla bean. A flavoring extract is prepared from the cured seedpods of this plant or produced synthetically.

Nutritional benefits:

  • Vanilla beans are one of the expensive non-pungent spices used especially as a flavoring agent in wide array of sweet-drinks and confectionaries.
  • Vanilla extract is chiefly composed of simple and complex sugars, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals.
  • The chief chemical component in the beans isvanillin. The pods also compose of numerous traces of other constituents such as eugenol, caproic acid, phenoles, phenol ether, alcohols, carbonyl compounds, acids, ester, lactones, aliphatic and aromatic carbohydrates and
  • Ancient Mayans believed that adding vanilla in drinks would give aphrodisiac effects. No modern research study, however, establishes its role in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

MRT gives the products which are grown under stringent organic standards of NPOP, NOP and EU certification LACON, Germany.

Retail packing available: 50gm / 100gm
Bulk packing available: 25kg / 50kg


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